Many of our supporters have not only provided generous gifts year by year, but also have built a permanent financial foundation to support the efforts of Americans for Prosperity by contributing to a named fund. A named fund can be structured as “permanent” to last in perpetuity, or as “temporary” to be spent on a specific project or set of priorities that arise in the near term. A named fund can also be restricted to particular areas of interest or left unrestricted to Americans for Prosperity’s discretion for best and highest value use.  

A named fund given for any length of time is appreciated and helps us in a multitude of ways to promote our vision of a more free and open society. Permanent named funds are powerful because they renew and grow through annual earnings. They are beneficial as they provide a constant, stable resource to support your charitable objectives. Temporary named funds allow us to work in a focused time period or until the completion of a specific initiative, then use any remaining funds in accordance with the wishes of the donor.

Starting a named fund is a simple process and gives you a concrete way to ensure that your values are being fought for and preserved. Please contact Americans for Prosperity to discuss the many options available, and we will be happy to prepare a fund agreement in partnership with you and respectful of your philanthropic goals. Fund names can be created in your name, in tribute to someone who you wish to honor, or bear a descriptive name about the fund's purpose.



This information does not constitute legal or tax planning advice.  Please consult with your legal or financial advisor.